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Dental insurance maine

Best Dental insurance maine

Best Dental insurance maine

  • Dental insurance maine At treatment in partner hospitals, the limit covers the full cost of treatment within the limit, in the rest – half. In private Best Dental insurance maine.
  • A franchise from 25% to 75% is possible. The current list of partners with the size of payment and the percentage .
Best Dental insurance maine
Best Dental insurance maine
  • Deductibles is sent by the manager on request. Medicines can be ordered free of charge only in the network of partner pharmacies.
  • And those medicines that fall under the exception will have to be bought independently. Change the clinic or doctor.
  • If you are not satisfied with his qualifications, or, for example, he turns out to be a boor, you can call the call center.

Insurance cases are:

  • acute diseases that threaten health and life;
  • chronic diseases (up to 3 exacerbations per year);
  • accidents that have arisen not through the fault of the client;
  • Unplanned surgical intervention (if a chronic illness or an accident requires surgery).
  • The list of exceptions from insurance cases is longer – 2 sheets A4 12 font.
  • In short: all cosmetic, preventive and non-traditional, as well as planned surgery.
  • orthodontics and prosthetics, insurance does not cover. If this rule is applied to dentistry.
  • The insurance does not cover preventive cleaning, teeth whitening, installation of crowns and braces.
  • And consultations with doctors on these matters.

The consultant offered me a middle class “ELITE”, the total insurance amount for which is 100 000, and the limit on dentistry is only 800 UAH.

I compared him to the most expensive “VIP” policy, where the insurance amount is 150,000, and the limit on teeth is 2500 UAH.