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How To Use Dental care .

  • Also, current medical insurance covers #Wikipedia only a few dental, medical programs.
  • And the flexibility and marketability of dental-related prevention and treatment .
  • Services are better than other types of medical care. Service is much stronger. 
Dental insurance coverage plans
Dental insurance coverage plans
  • Set up dental insurance to facilitate the use of advanced international experience.
  • Such as the United States “Managed Care” (Managed Care), flexible to try and implement.
  • Cooperation with various types of oral medical institutions, the so-called “small boat to turn around.”

Dental insurance coverage plans

  • Below is real dental insurance from the Dental Blue Program in the United States.
  • This dental insurance belongs to the more common class of Americans.
  • with a monthly premium of $48.76 and an annual insurance premium of $1,500.
  • The items covered by the insurance .
  • are divided into three #Google categories: 0% self-funded items, 20% self-funded items, and 50% self-funded items.
  • Preventive diagnosis and treatment are free of charge, including regular .
  • Oral examination and cleansing care every 6 months.
  • For adolescents under the age of 19, an additional: Free Fluoride is applied every 6 months, and .
  • The Space Maintainer prevents premature deciduous teeth from causing oral problems.
  • For children under 17 years of age extra: pit and fissure closure every 48 months.
  • Treatment programs other than preventive diagnosis are divided into two categories.
  • 20% of self-funded projects: 80% of the cost of project diagnosis and treatment in this file.
  • Root canal treatment are in this file 50% of the self-funded items: .
  • insurance and the insured each bear this file 50% of the cost of internal project diagnosis and treatment.


As can be seen from the real example above, dental insurance in the United States .

  • Places great emphasis on prevention, especially on the prevention and treatment of children and adolescents.
  • By providing free preventive diagnosis and treatment for insured persons, the insured.
  • person is encouraged to do preventive work, and the,
  • Treatment items are graded to ensure that the insured person can afford the principal diagnosis .
  • Effectively reducing the oral disease of the insured. In particular, there is a risk of serious illness.
  • Treatment costs. For example, if mild #twitter caries can be found and repaired in time, not only.
  • However, if you are delayed until you are seriously ill, you will often need expensive root canal treatment. 
  • Dental cleaning can effectively prevent periodontitis, and the cost of cleaning teeth is much.
  • Lower than the treatment of periodontitis and the repair of tooth loss due to periodontitis.
  • This mechanism of focusing on preventing and ensuring the ability to pay for critical care projects.
  • the profitability of dental insurance companies but also improves the dental health and quality.
  • Life of the insured, which is a win-win situation.